OCXO which work with B210 board. provide high accuracy clock to B210 and other sdr board. its dual port can provide clock to 2 sdr board. the clock output is about 7DBM

if you are interested in this product please send email to john.wu.8899@hotmail.com

 use external clock with srslte is easy to configure enb.conf

open enb.conf find below line: 


modify to

device_args = clock=external


For OAI because oai configure is different from old version and new version and may be different in the future. so use external clock with OAI the easiest way is modify the source code. open openairinterface5g/targets/ARCH/USRP/USERSPACE/LIB/usrp_lib.cpp find function device_init and put openair0_cfg[0].clock_source = external in it.

such as:

int device_init(openair0_device* device, openair0_config_t *openair0_cfg) {
        openair0_cfg[0].clock_source = external;