if you are using B210 then you need to install windows usb driver for it. download driver erllc_uhd_winusb_driver.zip (5 MB). Connect B210 to PC there will be unkown device in device manager, select it choose update driver, then search folder erllc_uhd_winusb_driver.

There is a known issue with Windows 10 where an error message is shown at the end of driver installation. However resetting or power cycling the USRP enables full functionality.

download gnuradio for windows from: http://www.gcndevelopment.com/gnuradio/downloads.htm

i use version 3.8 which is work fine for me.

run the gnuradio install exe it will also install uhd automaticly.

after installation finish you can see this in the windows Start Menu. 


run USRP Spectrum Scanner(FFT). you will see