reference this install openbts first.

after installing openbts then run:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool libtalloc-dev libsctp-dev shtool autoconf automake git-core pkg-config make gcc gnutls-dev python-minimal
sudo apt-get install libpcsclite-dev
sudo apt install libmnl-dev
git clone git://
cd libosmocore
git checkout 1.5.1
autoreconf --install
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig -i
cd ..

git clone git://
cd osmo-trx
git checkout 1.3.1
autoreconf -i
./configure --with-uhd
sudo make install

now you can run osmo-trx. it is important to use -f to run osmo-trx-uhd with openbts otherwise openbts will not work.

cd doc/examples/osmo-trx-uhd
sudo osmo-trx-uhd -C osmo-trx-usrp_b200.cfg -f

for the example config file osmo-trx-usrp_b200.cfg it use external clock. but if you don't connect external clock you need to modify it to internal like this:

clock-ref internal

then run openbts

cd openbts/openbts_systemd_scripts
sudo ./

the openbts folder is depend on where you put openbts_systemd_scripts you need to replace it to your folder